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When you want a tattoo, there’s a certain amount of trust that you give your tattoo artist. At Planet X Tattoo & Supply, our reputation is pristine, the talent at our studio is second to none, and you can rest assured that we’ll exceed your every tattoo expectation.

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About Us

From traditional to new school, our tattoo ability knows no bounds.

We started Planet X Tattoo & Supply armed with a love for tattoos and body art, not knowing if our passion would translate to a successful business. Since those first days, we’ve always hired the best Aurora tattoo talent and it’s paid off – we’re now the premier studio in town.

By never accepting less than superior quality or overcharging, we’ve established a reputation for incredible art at prices affordable to those who values tattoos as much as we do. In short, we’ve built a family of tattoo lovers and many come back to us time and time again.

Call 303-745-0959 to discover more about the Planet X Tattoo & Supply difference and pencil in an appointment at our Aurora studio.

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The Right Artist = The Right Tattoo

Because tattoo styles and tastes vary, we have a full team of artists ready to create a tattoo that perfectly reflects your exact desires. Check out our team of professional tattoo artists below:

For all your old school, pinup, and Americana tattoos, Seth is certainly your man. He’s been working in the tattoo industry for over 25 years and his unique blend of classic tattoo styles with his own drawing expertise ensure that your skin art will truly be one-of-a-kind. His bold line work and attention to fine detail are the trademarks of his work at Planet X Tattoo & Supply.

Born in Los Angeles, Seth studied under many tattoo legends before relocating to Aurora. Now here full time, Planet X Tattoo & Supply is excited to have him as part of the team and he’s ready to share his talents on your next tattoo.


Jay may be the youngest member of our team at 28, but don’t let her age fool you. She’s been creating custom tattoos for the better part of a decade and it shows – her signature fantasy and watercolor style features incredible color combinations that are veritable attention-grabbers. When you see an Jay tattoo, you want to know more – and you’ll probably want one for yourself.

Always up for a challenge, Jay often takes on the difficult tattoos that no other artist in Aurora can do. Meticulous and perfectionist to a fault, she adds a new dimension of tattoos at Planet X Tattoo & Supply that has been garnering high praise since she joined the studio.


Hailing from Vietnam, Jimmie adds a dash of international flair to Planet X Tattoo & Supply and is a master of many styles, from exotic tribal bands to blackwork to Japanese. As one of the most indemand tattoo artists in Aurora, he’s probably performed more tattoos over his last 5 years in the studio than anyone else in town.

Jimmie takes his tattoo work at Planet X Tattoo & Supply very seriously and every new tattoo starts with a sit-down to learn more about the client before sketching a draft and then applying the ink. In this manner, he’s able to deliver amazing tattoos with a stronger personal connection.

Other Services

Your tattoo needs answered by Planet X Tattoo & Supply

We get a lot of phone calls and emails about general tattoo and piercing inquiries, so feel free to contact us at 303-745-0959 with any questions. Here’s a few that we hear the most:

Tattoo Supplies

1" Disposable Grips,

$1.50 singles, $20 box of 20
Tattoo Needles, from $0.50 to $1.20 singles, $12.50 to $19.50 box of 50

1/2 oz StarBrite colors at $6

Machines starting at $25
Power kits starting at $50.


At Planet X Tattoo & Supply, any piercing is fair game. Drop by our Aurora studio and we’ll talk face to face about your bodywork and whether we’re able to do it; most piercings are $25 (jewelry included).

"The art of piercing encompasses anatomy, aesthetics, physical dexterity, first aid, and empathy. Few things are more satisfying to me then seeing the look on the face of a happy client when they first see their new piercing."

- Seth Iniguez

Prep and Care

Tatto Prep: What should I do before coming in for a tattoo?

- Eat. No, seriously – your body will be releasing endorphins during the tattoo process, so you want to have stable blood sugar. Also, avoid any alcohol, aspirin, or caffeine before being tattooed.

Tattoo care: How do I keep my new tattoo looking great for years?

- Your tattoo takes 2-4 weeks to heal. During this time, gently wash the tattoo every night and apply lotion to keep the skin soft. We recommend wrapping with plastic for the first few nights.

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Planet X Tattoo & Supply is a safe, innovative, and full-featured tattoo studio with top quality artists in Aurora

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We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

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